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Sport Calendar no3 – Male Athletes

Sport Calendar no3 – Male Athletes


Here you can buy the third edition of the sports calendar.

“Male” version presents six photoshoots of male athletes.

Sports Calendar is the only planner of this kind available on the market. It is not only a planner, but also a training journal and motivational source for the whole year. It includes tables to write down the goals, accomplishments and results. It also has special fields to write down tasks to complete and check off once done. We also added the space to add medical results that must be done twice a year in order to keep great form.

Proceeds from Sports Calendar are used to purchase athletic apparel and shoes for young athletes. You can read more about the project in the “About us” section.

The Third edition of the calendar is in the form of a planner, which means it’s not going to be limited to a certain time frame. You can set up yours as you wish. During the time off you can use additional days. Inside you will find a full schedule of days for 2017 and 2018 to fill out with the most important dates.

Third edition was enlarged by additional information and tables to fill in your results and analysis.

Same as last year, we have added an application Tap2c, which gives you additional online materials, movies, articles or nutrition plans or sample trainings.

Regular price: $33 / £26

Shipping time: 3 business days.

You can buy it online or at selected locations. The map of stores is attached in “Where to buy”.

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The third edition of the calendar is life changing. According to worldwide trends, this planner allows you to write in it at any time you wish. Open space and eliminating the traditional calendar dates, allows to start your planning any time you want. Without losing pages (e.g. planned vacation). Every page includes a space to fill in the date. The Planner has also the place to write down your training, daily tasks and even the space to count your hours of sleep. You can also monitor your stretching and recovery time!


Responding to users’ needs, the current edition is smaller and more compound. You can take it anywhere. It still has a band preventing it from opening. The cover is made from high quality waterproof material.


Orange! The secret lies in details. We do pay great attention to the color palette. It has the biggest influence on the response and decides if we like it or not. We based it on bright orange. Inside is comprised of classic black and white with orange accents. We made it with care in every detail. You can be certain that your planner will stand out and you will find it easily in your everyday chaos.


The main idea behind the calendar is “Everything you need is already inside”. Going with this thought we enriched the planner with pages for physical tests results, that will allow you to monitor your progress. Not only those sport related. Inside you will also find space to put down your medical results, blood test results and general health condition concerns. You can also find a lot of useful information on the calendar pages. You can purchase it in the stores that you will find in the “Where to buy” section.

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The important differences between two of planners: “Male” version presents photoshoots of male athletes and “Female” version presents photoshoot of female athletes.